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    Multiple profiles in EB

    Taiyyib Choudhry

      I'm currently at a customer site and needing some quick help. I'm aware that we can setup various shortcuts on the home screen via an XML file but this approach is not very MDM friendly, especially when you have a lockdown (launcher) profile assigned via AirWatch. So instead we are thinking how to just have 1 EB icon on the lockdown screen and have multiple (4 profies) to choose from with their own start page connections. Please let me know asap how this can be accomplished via a config/xml or any other way in EB. Thanks alot in advance

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          Joydeep Chakraborty

          Create a Index page and create 4 a href links for four different application.

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              Taiyyib Choudhry

              Hi Joydeep, appreciate the quick reply, but can you kindly provide me with a little more insight to how to accomplish that. I'm still in the very early stages of getting familiar with Enterprise Browser utility. Any help would be greatly appreciate. A step-by-step guide be awesome

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                  Abhineet Agarwal



                  One can create multiple shortcut for different profile but one cannot point to multiple profile from one single shortcut.


                  As Joydeep already mentioned, create the main index page which consists of multiple href links for different application or profile.


                  For Ex:

                  One can create an Index.html which can be configured in EB - Config.xml as a StartPage.


                  I have made sample Index.html for your reference.


                  Sample - Index.html



                    <title>Welcome to Enterprise Browser</title>

                    <script type="text/javascript">





                    text-align: center;




                    font-weight: bold;





                    <div class='center'> 

                     <h1>Welcome to Enterprise Browser</h1>


                    <div class='mainIndex'>

                     <br>1. <a href='https://www.google.com'>Navigate to Google</a>

                     <br>2. <a href='https://www.yahoo.com/'>Navigate to Yahoo</a>

                     <br>3. <a href='Menu.htm'>Default Menu Page</a>





                  After installation of EnterpriseBrowser application, you will able to see Config.xml located under \Program Files\EnterpriseBrowser\Config\Config.xml.


                  Copy that Config.xml to your local PC and modify the content for the below tags:-

                  <StartPage value="file://%INSTALLDIR%\HTML\Index.html" name="Menu"/>


                  Copy content mentioned above under Sample - Index.html to new file and name it as Index.html from your PC.

                  Place Index.html to \Program Files\EnterpriseBrowser\HTML\ folder location.


                  You can modify the Index.html based on your choice.


                  Launch the application after above configuration.


                  Thanks & Regards,


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