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    Multicode reading

    Tomasz Dzideczek



      Is there possible to use in un structure  mode reading on any barcodes (1-10).

      Customer is unable to predict and change the mode that exactly specify that it is 3 or 6 or what ever from the range of 1-10.




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          David Koch

          Hi Tomek,

          Our existing Multibarcode feature requires the user/applicaiton to select a template that sets the specific number of barcodes within the decode session.  In this use case the framework will queue decodes until the desired number of barcodes is reached and then return the list of codes back to the application, this is an all or nothing approach.  In this use case our decode criteria is a specific number of barcodes, for a partial decode we would need some way to identify when the session is complete if not based on the number of barcodes.  If we were to introduce the concept of returning partial data we need to determine what layer of code is responsible for stopping the session.  If you have a suggestion on how this should work please let us know.





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