From Zebra TLP2844 To Zebra GX420t - Persisting configuration trough line mode?

Good morning,



We have some Zebras 2844  using EPL Language, which have been working for nearly 10 years without  issues, recently we needed do add more printers and the someone purchase a couple of GX420t stating that they were EPL compatible.


Apparently all the forms we used on the 2844 work on the GX2844t but the page orientation isn´t right!.

So we trying applying a PAGE ROTATION of 180 using the EPL comand ZT.


When I try to set the Printer configuration using the ZT command to rotate the page it works, but i'm unable to persist this setting. whenever I power-cycle the printer it looses the configuration.
In the TLP2844 there was a LINE MODE that persisted this kind of setting.
I can't find any reference to Line mode in the GX420t manual I even found references online stating that the GX420t doesn't have it.



How do I make these settings persist?



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