How can I programmatically read barcodes captured in batch mode?

We are using Symbol LI4278 scanners in presentation mode to capture meal card scans at our lunch line. We use batch mode, and then later transfer the captured scans to a computer for billing purposes.


The problem is that if anything happens during the transfer of barcodes to the computer, important data is irreplaceably lost. (Such as if a dialog box happens to pop up on the computer.) This has happened a couple times already, and I am trying to find a solution. Some scanners let you transfer the batch and delete it after you have verified that everything transferred correctly. This model just gives you one shot, and automatically deletes the batch.


I have downloaded the SDK and reviewed the programming samples, but I can't find anything in the documentation or API that specifically refers to the codes stored in memory in batch mode. Is there any way to access this data programmatically? If so, I will write some code to pull this information directly from the scanner, then clear the batch after I have verified a successful transfer.


Is this even possible? I just thought I would put the question out there before I spend hours programming something only to find out that this is not accessible through the object model.


Thanks in advance!!


- Adam