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    CAM Mode - Recommended or Not?

    Brad Blakeman

      Do any of your customer run CAM mode (MC9090, MC3200, etc.)? Constant Active Mode?


      Is it good? Why did they enable the option? Would you recommend it?


      Seems the definition for some of these settings is based on network performance (latency)…..


      • Battery Usage
        • CAM provides best network performance, but yields shortest battery life
        • Fast Power Save default setting, better battery life then CAM, but with some degradation in network performance.
        • Max Power Save longest battery life, but largest degradation in network performance.
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          Chris Sarotte


          In the past, if a customer has a suspect network or if the app is subject to timing out due to latency (i.e. Remote Desktop, etc.), then I turn CAM on.

          Also, if the customer uses good practices for battery charging of their mobile devices I might turn CAM on from the beginning and maybe adjust back to Fast Power Save if they start noticing battery issues.


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            Daniel Silva

            The only time I have found that CAM mode helps is when the APs do not play well with the power saving schemes on the device.  CAM mode is a good test if you are having network issues.  If it fixes a problem,  it's worth investigating to find out why.  There may be some AP settings or firmware updates for the APs or the device that might make power saving mode work properly.  I try not to use CAM mode in production unless it is the only way to make things work.