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I'm using the pinter series QLn320(PCC:QN3-AUBAEE11-00),after a little bit of digging i was able to find that this printer does not connect with iphone over Bluetooth so was trying to connect this via Wifi but i could find that in the printer setting it is show as 802.11 Not installed.So my question is, Is it possible to connect this model via wifi,I had tried enabling the wireless access to the printer via zebra utilities application.But there was no change in the zebra settings.

Can someone please help me with this?



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Hello Anil,That printer's

Hello Anil,

That printer's configuration indicates that it is a Bluetooth only printer so it would not be able to connect via WiFi. Would you be able to tell me the Serial Number on the unit? I want to double check to see if it should be able to connect to the iPhone and perhaps there is something else happening to prevent it from connecting.

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