MC3200 CE 7 with Fusion and Radio .reg Files Found in Application Folder? Should They be there or Not?

I was troubleshooting a customers MC3200 CE 7 (latest BSP and Fusion) because they were having connectivity troubles with their receiving/ordering application. I noticed there seemed to be quite a few .reg files (20 of them) that were associated with Fusion and WiNG installed into the 'Application Folder'. The file names; XWing2, XWing2CE70, XWing2GPIO, XWing2PM, PALMPA3Sdio, FusionBuild, FusionHelp, FusionConfig, FusionApps, etc.....


I've never noticed these files in the Application Folder before. My understanding is that Fusion and Radio configurations are built into the BSP/Fusion packages, so why would all of these files be located in the Application Folder? Are these Files Zebra .reg files? Is this perhaps a one-off configuration the Customer was trying? Were do these file come from? Do these files belong in a different folder?


A little guidance is appreciated!