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    MC92N0 CE7.0 how to add a new font ?

    Lionel RAULT

      To add a new font, usually, we just copy a ttf file in \windows\fonts and warmboot the device.


      My customer tried that on a MC92N0 and then opened Word to select his font but the font doesnt appear in the list.


      of course, my customer's application is not Word, we've just used it for testing.


      are ttf files not valid anymore ?


      what to do ?

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          Daniel Silva

          I just tried this on my MC92 CE7 and it worked fine.  Activesync was telling me that it couldn't copy the file there,  but it actually did copy and showed up in Word.  I didn't even need the warm boot.  Maybe something is wrong with your ttf file.  I extracted a few from my PC and used the (impact and jokerman).