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    Google Play Services on Zebra devices




      I am looking to develop an app for MC67 and TC55 running Android.


      I want to use a service like firebase which requres Google Play Services 9.0.1 to help with messaging, push notications etc.


      Do the Zebra devices come with Google Play Services?


      Thank you

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          Pietro Francesco Maggi

          Hi Mitchell,

          TC55 is available with both flavours of Android:

          • Professional - based on AOSP and without the Google Mobile Services
          • Standard - version including the GMS (and so Google Play Services)


          MC67 is currently only available in the professional version that is based on AOSP and does not includes the Google Mobile Services (GMS) like Google Play Services etc.

          Usually we try to release all the devices with both flavours of Android to provide more options to our customers. However this is not always possible due to rules Google has put in place for device certification.

          Due to these restrictions, we will not be able to release a standard version (including GMS) of our MC67 even when we're going to release a new KitKat OS for it, this summer.