Zebra MZ 320 printer sometimes doesn't work with android application

We want to print some forms in our android application with Zebra MZ320 printer.



This is what we do:



Our android application connect as a client to an other application which is in our windows server.



We save as a file the output which is designed in this windows application via Zebra MZ320 driver on windows, and we get this file on android application as stream.



Then, we send this stream file from android application to Zebra MZ320 printer via bluetooth.



Because of our system is general, when we try to get this output from an other dot matrix printer, we don't get any problem. When we get the same output from Zebra MZ 320 printer which is connected to computer via USB, we don't get any problem again. However, when we use bluetooth connection to get output from the same Zebra MZ 320 printer, some time we get the output perfectly but some other time we couldn't get any output.


Can anyone help us about this?