GX420t - SGD command not executed



I'm using a GX420t printer connected via TCP/IP. The firmware is V56.17.17Z. I'm trying to figure out whether an optional cutter is installed with sending the SGD command

! U1 getvar "device.cutter_installed"

Instead of answering with "Yes" or "No" the printer responds with "?". What's going wrong?

Thanks for any hint.

Gregory Pawlik
Hi Joreg,According to page

Hi Joreg,

According to page 1379 of the ZPL manual, the ZD500 printer series are the only desktops that support the device.cutter_installed SGD command.

To get the cutter installed status on a GX420t printer, use the ~HI command.

If it does have a cutter installed, it would return CUTTER in the last parameter.

More information about the ~HI command can be found on page 218 of the ZPL manual.


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Joerg Eyring
Hi Greg,thanks for pointing

Hi Greg,

thanks for pointing that out - those who can read, have a clear advantage ;-)


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