Default broadcast intent action from DataWedge

I have implemented broadcast receiver from DataWedge intent output plug-in in our application on TC8000. Does DataWedge have any default intent action on default profile, or do I have to set this manually on every device, before I can use it? It would be nice if I could just turn on  the intent output plugin in datawedge and have it working out of the box, bacause manually inputing Intent action is quite tedious when you have large number of devices.

Pietro Francesc...
Hi Janez,once you created a

Hi Janez,

once you created a profile on a device, you can export it and copy on all other devices to be automatically imported.

The process is explained in TC8000's Integrator Guide that you can find on our support website:… Take a look at page 4-36, at the section: "Configuration and Profile File Management"



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