Has anyone here eve had a problem with selecting region ? saying error RFID_ERROR_RADIO_NOT_PRESENT 9983


The following the problem Im facing with my device MC65 with RFD5500


1. can't select any region it says "reader not connected" RFID_ERROR_RADIO_NOT_PRESENT 9983


2. Cannot select channel (since number 1 is not succesfull)


3. Performing combined firmware application is not working


4. Without region set the RFD5500 already shows solid green (not blink green), which according to the manual,

solid green means the device's ready to read RFID tags.

Shouldn't it be blinking before having a region set ?


with all the condition above, although it says "reader not connected", on the other hand the device

shows solid green light. I tried scanning RFID tags, it does the job reading tags.



I hope someone here could enlighten me how I could get all above fixed.

Todo Simanjuntak
This problem delays me from

This problem delays me from doing the demo I try to work on for the posponed opportunity already in my hands

The reason at first I finally went with motorola devices rather than other brand is the availability of software provided on the website.

If I could fix the problem soon then finish the project, I will no doubt repeat order motorola devices again and I could see the possibility of being motorola partner in the future.

Hope someone here could give me a solution

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