Datawedge API / Reading out Datawedge profile programmatically

Just a quick question to the userbase:


We are currently relying on the EMDK (for Android v3.1) barcode scanning component for scanning barcodes in one of the applications that we're developing.


Because the EMDK profile manager has no settings interface available to the end-user (or at least not one that we know of!), we are currently considering two options:

either switch entirely to using Datawedge’s barcode scan functionality or (preferably) at least be able to read out the DataWedge profile so that we can use those settings to alter the EMDK-based scan settings on-the-fly.


1. Is there a currently supported or unsupported way of reading out a Datawedge profile programmatically?

2a. If we were to have to follow an unsupported route... are the profile settings stored in a physical file for which we could eventually write our own parser/importer for reading out the settings and then applying them?

2b. Or would our only resolve be to try to programmatically export the current datawedge settings and then import them into the application logic and apply them to the EMDK settings?


Thanks in advance.