RFD8500 Development using Xamarin

We just recently purchased the RFD8500 scanner for one of our production facilities to scan RFID tags on our production line.  We need to develop a small Android application to acquire the RFID information and send it to our system for use as we can't use the RFID scanning in the native browser on the Symbol Android device paired with it.  Since we're not a Java shop, we've been trying to use Xamarin to wrap the scanning SDK for consumption in a C# application.  However, so far our efforts haven't been successful - the SDK appears to return Success statuses on our calls to the various initialization and other functions, but we can't retrieve a list of the available scanners on the device.


Does anyone know if Xamarin development is supported for use with the RFD8500 SDK?  If so, are there any examples available where it has been used that we could look at?  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.