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    Printing Icelandic characters with PrinterZebra doen't work as expected.

    Krystian Sikora

      I'm using rhomobile application to print to Zebra QLn220 printer using CPCL printer language.


      To be able to print Icelandic characters I added Arial Narrow font using ZebraDesigner Fonts and Graphic Downloader. The memory card file (arial12.mmf) is attached.

      This is just normal font including all the characters from 32-255 (which includes all icelandic letters).


      When printing directly to USB connected QLn220 Zebra printer using "Send To Printer" command in Zebra setup utilities it prints OK. (see below)



      But when using rhomobile application and printing using PrinterZebra with javascript using exactly the same commands (please see print-is.cpcl attached) I get wrong character output on the label (see below).


      The javascript used to print is here below, it's just like the example on rhomobile:


      printer.connect(function(cb) {
        if (cb === 'PRINTER_STATUS_SUCCESS') {
         console.log("Zebra printer connected successfully, printing...");
        } else {
         console.log("Zebra printer connected, status: " + cb);


      I've tried encoding the file with ANSI (ASCII) and UTF8. Using UTF8 I got event worse results.

      Another thing I noticed, the uppercase letters seem to work as long as I have space after them. Skipping space results in printing properly every second character and bad characters in between.


      The device I used is Zebra TC75 running android 4.4 (KitKat)


      This looks like some kind of transmission encoding issue in the ZebraPrinter module.


      Please help.