what is transfer error code 2 and how to fix it?


I try to use the transfer function to upload some files on my ftp server.


My code is

function testTransfer(){

    fileTransfer.source = "url('file://\\Application\\new_app\\dl\\test.txt')";

    fileTransfer.destination = "url('ftp://user:pswrd@adress:21/test.txt')";




I checked and there is a test.txt at /Application/new_app/dl/test.txt

When I use this code, I can see a connction log on my fileZilla FTP server but I got an error code 2 on my app.
I tried to figure out what this code means but I can't find it.

Can you guys help me please?

Anonymous (not verified)
Hi,Those are Windows error


Those are Windows error codes (System Errors - Numerical Order (Windows CE 5.0) ) so code 2 implies the module cannot find your test.txt.  It looks like you have the correct format for your parameters so I'm a bit stumped to explain why you're getting an error 2.  I suggest specifying the port, username and password separately rather than as part of the ftp url, perhaps there is some issue parsing those attributes.

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