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    Ericsson Barcodes (Teleco equipment) - Adding Ctrl-D at end of scan

    David Mackie

      Short version:
      Recently purchased a DS3578. Building an HTML / JavaScript web page that captures a barcode as it is scanned into an <input> element. Going well except for the type of barcode shown below on Ericsson equipment. These types of barcodes seem to return a "CTRL-D" to the end of the barcode. This results in "internet explorer" opening the "Add Favourites".


      Any tips / advice on how to cope with this?



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          Andrew Pengelly

          Hi David, your best bet is to use 123Scan to modify the output by stripping the CTRL-D.


          I note the 1D barcode is Code 128 and produces SBR81201902.

          The 2D barcode is PDF-417 and is more complex.


          [)><RS>06<GS>1P1/BFL 901 009/1<GS>21PR3B<GS>22PSUP 6601 <GS> 12D20110215 <GS> SBR81201902 <RS> <EOT>


          Where -


          <RS> = record separator, ASCII 30 or CTRL-^

          <GS> = group separator, ASCII 29  or CTRL-]

          <EOT> = end of transmission, ASCII 4 or CTRL-D


          So the <EOT> in the 2D barcode is the problem as you say.


          So using 123Scan create a configuration for your scanner.  Within the config section select Modify Data and then choose Program complex data modification / Advanced data Formatting / Create a New Rule.  Since I am not sure what other barcode you scan it is hard to give exact instructions from this point on but suggest you create a rule that only works on PDF-417 barcodes and program it so it drops the last character.