Connect Oracle DB in the HTML5 application.



if I have to connect the oracle db in the HTML5 application, what can I use? PHP or another programmer's language?

You have some examples?


Thank you.

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Pietro Francesc...
Hi Mattia,this question seems

Hi Mattia,

this question seems a receipt for a disaster :-)

Every programming language that you can use to build a web application can, somehow, be connected to Oracle (BTW, which version?).

More important is what you want to achieve and which language do you already know:

If you know PHP, go for it! The critical decision is not which language to use, but what design are you going to implement:

* use a framework for the app?

* abstract the database with a library?

* which browser/platform you want to target?

And if you want to have a chat about this call me...



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