All-touch TE questions regarding configuration files


To change the terminal sessions, updating configurations, etc., is there a configuration file that can be pushed down from an MDM?    Such configurations include the server to communicate with, etc.
Is there documentation on such settings, and if so, where?
Additionally, is there anyway to configure logging such that All-Touch will log to files that can be extracted/uploaded to an MDM or Splunk type server?

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You need to place a .wldep (ATTE Configuration file) into the com.wavelink.velocity folder in order for the device to get your configuration. You get the .wldep file by configuring it using the Velocity Console. Check out more here: Software for Velocity Enterprise App Modernization

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A co-worker pointed me to the documentation: Terminal Emulation Client User Guide  so I see now the configurations can be pushed down.

I did not see anything about application logs, any suggestions/ideas where to look?