Avalanche certificate deployment through StageNow

Has anybody had any success deploying the Avalanche Cert to a WT6000 through the StageNow tool? I am using this process on a TC8000 without issue. StageNow initializes the Keystore and then auto-process the ca.pem cert file into the trusted certificates Keystore. Then, when the Avalanche Enabler is launched for the first time, the enrollment process is automatic because the cert is already already pre-installed on the device. It's a pretty awesome process but it is unfortunately only working on the TC8000. Everything is successfully pushed to the WT6000 from StageNow, but the ca.pem file just doesn't seem to be processed. StageNow also responds with a success message, indicating that there were no detected issues with staging the profile. I've checked and confirmed that the /sdcard/ contains the ca.pem file after applying the StageNow profile. The cert is being pushed to the device, just not being processed. I know the cert is correct because i'm using the exact same profile on a TC8000. Both devices are at MX 5.2 with StageNow 2.3.


When I launch the Avalanche Enabler it indicates that there is "no peer certificate" in the error logs. If I then manually install the ca.pem certificate using the Install from SD Card option under the Credentials subsection of the system Security Settings the Avalanche Enabler recognizes it and successfully enrolls into Avalanche. I hate having to manually install the Avalanche cert because it then forces me to setup a lockscreen and a pin/pattern, which I've managed to circumvent on the TC8000.


Does anybody have any experience with WT6000s + StageNow certificate loading?