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    Zebra Image no longer recognizes TC70

      My computer only see's it as a MTP device and won't allow me to correct the drivers.  Works ok with MC40 and new Falcon as well as the TC8k.


      Anyone seen an issue like this?

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          Billie Hecox

          Hey Ken, are you still seeing this issue?  In general, ADB is flakey, I often have to kill the and restart the ADB server in order for my devices to show up. In your case, I see that some devices show up and not others. Usually, I am able to reboot the device that won't show up and that fixes the issue. In a few cases I have had to run Settings > Dev Options > Revoke USB debugging auth, to clean up any keys that are jacked up, and then re-accept the adb connect request on the device.

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              Kenneth Haley


              I still have the same issues.  I have found a work around which i Truly don't understand.  When I attach the TC70 and it isn't recognized by my PC I go in and turn off developer mode.  That often seems to work, which you would think it completely opposite of what should be needed.   Some times I have turned it off and then turned it back on and it works.  I never had to do this prior to getting a zebra image on my laptop.  I don't seem to have this issue with any other Android devices.