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    EB 1.4 on TC8000 - Controlling Sound Issue

    Gord Davey

      Hi All,


      With EB 1.4 on a TC8000, I am having some trouble with sound.


      #1) I cannot turn off the default sound for when a bar code is scanned.

      I've tried both in the config.xml file, and with the following JavaScript:

         EB.Barcode.decodeSound = "";
         EB.Barcode.decodeDuration = 0;
         EB.Barcode.decodeFrequency = 0;

      EB.Barcode.decodeVolume = 0;

      and with Duration / Frequency / Value all = 1.

      But I always get the default beep when scanning any bar code.


      #2) There is a delay when attempting to play WAV files.

      I've added a file to the top of my page's javascript: var badScanSound = new Audio('/sounds/badscan.wav');

      and then when I need to play it, I simply do badScanSound.play();

      But it delays about 500 milliseconds before the sounds actually plays. I've edited the wav to ensure that it has no leading space whatsoever, but there is a significant delay.


      What I want to do, is to turn OFF the default sound when any bar code is scanned, and issue either a good scan sound or a bad scan sound based on whether the bar code is a valid code at that particular time.


      I'm writing a warehouse picking app, and really only want a good sound to play when the user scans a product that is valid for the pick, and issue a bad scan sound when any other/unknown bar code is scanned.


      But without being able to turn off the default bar code scan sound, and with the delay before any of my sound wav's play, I'm unable to get this sort of behavior to occur and occur fast enough.


      Anyone have any ideas?


      Thank you.

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          Edward Correia

          Hi Gord- Sorry you're having trouble. There's a bug in the decodeSound method that prevents apps made with EB 1.4 and earlier from using it.  EB 1.5 fixes this and will support the decodeSound method. It's expected to be released any day now.  Hope that helps.



          Eddie Correia

          • Re: EB 1.4 on TC8000 - Controlling Sound Issue
            Abhineet Agarwal

            Dear Gord,


            Please check the below details :


            Applicable for all version of EB and upcoming release EB 1.5:

            • TC8000 Android KK version is supported as of now from EB application.
            • Sound tags such as <DecodeVolume>, <DecodeFrequency>,<DecodeDuration> does not take effect on any Android devices from EB application.
            • Barcode properties like 'decodeVolume', 'decodeFrequency', 'decodeDuration' and 'scanTimeout' which is being accessed through EB namespace does not take effect on any Android devices from EB application.


            From Upcoming Release EB 1.5:

            • Slight delay will occur on every enable if the custom decode sound is set either via config tag <ScanDecodeWav> or via 'decodeSound' property of Barcode API.
            • The 'decodeSound' property of Barcode API does not take effect on Android device for external scanner hardware such as RS507.
            • Config tag <ScanDecodeWav> and 'decodeSound' property of Barcode API are not supported on Android JB and WT6000 Android L device.



            •   Config tag <ScanDecodeWav> and 'decodeSound' property of Barcode API was not supported till date on Android platform on any version of EB. Last released version is EB 1.4
            •   The support for config tag <ScanDecodeWav> and 'decodeSound' property of Barcode API will only be available from upcoming EB 1.5 release.


            For your query, please check the below details:

            1. Properties like EB.Barcode.decodeDuration, EB.Barcode.decodeFrequency & EB.Barcode.decodeVolume is not supported on Android Platform from EB application.

            2. From upcoming EB 1.5 release, one can set custom decode sound when barcode is scanned using EB 1.X Barcode API. One can do the following as mentioned below:

            • Either set EB.Barcode.decodeSound = 'file:///sdcard/<filename>.wav';
            • Or set configuration tag <ScanDecodeWav> to valid filename in Config.xml as mentioned in below example:
              • <ScanDecodeWav          value="file:///sdcard/<filename>.wav"/>


            Please let me know if there are any further doubts.

            Please also let me know if you need EB 1.5 beta binaries or else you need to wait till EB 1.5 is released and available in Launchpad.


            Thanks & Regards,