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    EHS app icons not visible after re-boot of TC55.

    David Pickburn

      I have a TC55 device with EHS running in Enterprise Home Screen mode but every time the device re-boots, the icons are missing from the user screen until I either login as admin mode or select the app icon size. Please advise what I should change in order to ensure the icons are always visible after a re-boot.

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          Billie Hecox

          Hi David, sorry for the delayed response.  Are you still dealing with this issue?   I'm a bit confused by the description, have you added icons to the user screen?

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              Simon Scoble


              I also have this issue but on the MC67.

              I have configured EHS with a restricted set of icons, settings, wallpaper etc.

              All appears to work correctly but when I restart the device EHS loads up and all I can see is the title bar as per the images.


              As David said in his post, if you go to Icon Settings and then click OK or change the icons then these load up and we can start to use apps.

              Logging in as admin also then shows all icons so if you then logout all appears ok.

              Then when we restart - same thing happens again.


              1 - Screen after bootup.png 2 - Select icon size.png 3 - homescreen displays correctly.png

              EHS config is below if that is of any help?






              <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><config>


                  <application label="TruDispatch" package="TruFrame.Com.TruDispatch" activity="md5303de37e2ae281bd4abe2d539a3c06c1.SplashActivity"/>



                  <application label="TruDispatch" package="TruFrame.Com.TruDispatch" activity="md5303de37e2ae281bd4abe2d539a3c06c1.SplashActivity"/>

                  <application label="Phone" package="com.android.dialer" activity="com.android.dialer.DialtactsActivity"/>

                  <application label="Messaging" package="com.android.mms" activity="com.android.mms.ui.ConversationList"/>

                  <application label="Camera" package="com.android.camera2" activity="com.android.camera.CameraLauncher"/>

                  <application label="People" package="com.android.contacts" activity="com.android.contacts.activities.PeopleActivity"/>

                  <application label="Gallery" package="com.android.gallery3d" activity="com.android.gallery3d.app.GalleryActivity"/>



                  <application label="Calculator" package="com.android.calculator2" activity=""/>



                  <admin attempts="1">REMOVED</admin>


















                  <title>TruFrame Dispatch</title>









                    <application package="com.android.settings"/>

                    <application package="com.android.quicksearchbox"/>

                    <application package="com.android.browser"/>

                    <application package="com.android.email"/>

                    <application package="com.android.soundrecorder"/>



                    <application package="com.android.camera2"/>

                    <application package="com.android.gallery3d"/>





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                Laurent Francey

                Hi Bill,


                Like David, I use a TC55 with the latest EHS version. I add some icons for the user mode and it's working.


                But the problem is: if I restart the TC55, The device start with the EHS on user mode with no icons. I need to connect once admin and logout or change the icons size and then the icons appear in user mode.


                More information: if I restart the TC55 without SIM card inside, the icons stay in user mode after a reboot.


                Thanks in advance and have a nice day!