Printer stops printing midway through print job

We are experiencing several issues with LinkOS and printing from an iOS iPad application to a ZQ510 mobile printer. Our app has been previously submitted for review and has been approved. However, in our testing we are experiencing the following issues:

  • When printing more than 6 or 7 labels at once, the printer will stop printing and the folder icon on the display will display. After this happens, we can no longer send any commands to the printer and the printer must be turned off and back on again.
  • As the best practices guide states, we are checking the status of the printer before we send a print job and occasionally the printer will not return a status.


We suspect the buffer is being overloaded, so we are wondering if there is a way to clear the buffer before each print or between each label even? We are also curious if 5 or 6 labels seems like enough to overload the buffer or if we potentially have another problem? We’ve also tried adjusting the “setTimeToWaitAfterWriteInMilliseconds” value to no avail. We also thought that maybe the connection is being closed before the entire job prints?


We are also unsure about how to set the language to ZPL in Objective-C. We weren't able to find any documentation on this topic for iOS development.

Ryan Killebrew
As an update to this topic,

As an update to this topic, it seems like the issue is related to the connection being lost, not the buffer. We were able to create a work around by continually checking for the connection and re-opening it if closes. We are still working with Zebra to understand why the connection is lost, details can be found here:

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