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    Sideloading Google Chrome onto a TC75 in an 'enterprizey' manner

    Tom Deakin

      Hi guys,


      I am working on a web application which is going to be run on the Zebra TC75.


      For now, the native Android browser is good enough - however, we are looking to move to Google Chrome. We want to make full use of service workers and as far as I can tell, this isn't possible on the vanilla browser.


      My question is:


      Is there any way that we can sideload Chrome on to the TC75 and do this in an enterprizey manner - ie push Chrome out to a set of TC75's at once and easily handle updates?


      Thanks for reading!




      PS - I couldn't really find an answer to this on the forums - please tell me if my search-fu has been inadequate and if there's already instructions on how to do this!