Simulscan - Own templates not scanning


I have a TC8000 unit on loan right now and have been trying to get Simulscan to work for me. Scanning the built in example templates is almost instantaneous but when trying to create my own (a simple mocked up POD form) the scanner won't pick it up.
I've followed the written and video instructions, chosen 3 key fields for form recognition but it never seems to get it. I've compared my template to one of the example ones but there don't appear to be any settings I'm missing. It seems to recognise it, flicker in and out of 'capturing - hold still' then sometimes it will grab it and get stuck on the 'capturing' text then time out.
Are there some other requirements I've not accounted for in the form itself? And when I load an image in and it asks to set the area to look at, should i be letting the whole sheet be included or cropping as close as I can to the form area on the sheet? I've tried both and it doesn't seem to make a difference.
I've attached an example of the POD I've made and the template builder.

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Hi Lauren

I am glad to see that you are trying out SimulScan! There are some really cool features that can be used to improve workflows! I have gone ahead and made a Template based off the PDF of the Form you supplied-feel free to download the template here

Some things that may help:

Change the Auto Capture Sensitivity-> under Edit--> Template Settings--> Auto Capture Sensitivity. Set the Sensitivity of the auto capture to around 5; this is based on a scale of 1-10; where 10 is the highest.


This is only valid if Auto image capture is Selected.
This can be changed in either template builder or at the Device Level.

When Creating the template- Upload the entire sheet and use the auto crop feature- i have tested it out with your PDF and it does crop well.
The Use of a Barcode on the form improves accuracy in location based forms as it acts as an Anchor and provides a more reliable means of of identifying the Form border.

also not sure if this was your intent- but it looks like, the Logo, "Name" and "Proof of Delivery" were all listed as "Image" under Processing Type - in the Template I have attached for you- I changed "Name" and "Proof of Delivery" to OCR Types.

Let me know if this helps or if you still have issues!