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    Zebra iMZ320 - line printing - stops printing midway

    Kieran He



      I am using a iMZ320 printer with the default out of the box settings i.e. no configuration.  I am using it with a lumia phone through bluetooth. 


      It prints fine for most receipts but for receipts that are long...it stops midway through the printing.  It seems to stop at the same position everytime for individual receipts.  Is there a default character limit set for line printing (which is the default config on the printer I believe)?  Or is there something else I should be looking at?


      Thanks for any help.


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          Robin West

          Hi Kieran,

          Have you tried entering a wait before closing the connection?  Some devices may close the Bluetooth connection before all the data is sent. Another thing to look at is checking if all the data was sent to the printer by putting it into dump mode.  Also how long is it printing before it has the issue?


          Dump Mode:

          1. Turn off the printer. 

          2. Turn it back on while holding the feed button for 3 seconds. 

          3. After a few more seconds a very long printout will occur. 

          4. As soon as it's done printing the words "Press FEED to enter DUMP mode" press feed again

          5. Run your app to print and check what gets printed to verify every byte came through

          6. Power cycle the printer again to leave dump mode

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              Fausto Nelson

              Hello Robin,


              I'm new to this so please help me...


              I have created an app using android studio 2.1.2... this app needs to print some text to a Zebra MZ320 printer connected via bluetooh... The problem is that it prints nicely from an LG Spectrum II 4G VS930 running Android 4.1.2 but from an Samsung Galaxy Core Prime SM-G360T1 when I send the text to the printer, the indicator light come on whats mean is getting a connection but nothing print... I also tried with an ZTE cricket model Z792 runing android 4.4.4 but the same happens connect but doesn't print...


              Can you help me please?


              Here you can get a copy of the class I am using... Dropbox - bluetoothPrint.java


              Thank you in advance.

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                Fausto Nelson

                WOw... I just added the wait before closing the connection and now it is working....

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                    Robin West

                    Hi Fausto (and others who may run into this issue),

                    Many phones use different Bluetooth chips with different drivers to run them.  Android is agnostic to them so gives and has almost no feedback on things like if the Bluetooth chip is still sending data to a printer.  We attempt to mitigate this in our SDK by adding in waits before closing the connection, but if you are sending a lot of data, it may not be enough.  We run into this issue in both Android and iOS, and in the end, it's up to you as the developer have to look at the devices you want to support and try to get a good balance of what waits work best. 


                    Thankfully there are plenty of ways to cut down on the amount of data you send the printer when you want to print.  This is a key factor in making the send process faster and much less likely to get cut off.  Using ZPL stored formats and pre-loading images is probably the best way, but there are others.