Process LI2208 and LI4278 (Bluetooth) via SNAPI

I'm new to barcode scanner development and have to write a Windows app to gather data from an LI2208 and LI4278 Device.  I have been able to modify the SDK SampleApp_CSharp to build an app that captures Barcode events from the tethered LI2208 device.  When I cable in the base of the LI4278 device, it IS discovered as a HID Keyboard device, but I can't seem to set it into SNAPI mode. 


Now, in fact, I don't know what mode the LI4278 is in -it is no longer "discovered and seems to react to the scans I make with the LI2208 device.


Visual Studio 2013 on Windows 10 laptop.

Scanner sDK 3.0