uploaded arial ms unicode font to qnl printer but unable to print chinese characters in utf-8 encoding with control code ^CI28.



Trying to print lable with Chinese character on QLN320 printer. Have already set ^CI28 for UTF-8 encoding also uploaded the Arial MS Unicode font to the printer but no luck. Below is the sample of the zpl command extract from the host system.




All Chinese characters becomes garbage characters on the print out.




Anonymous (not verified)
This is a simple mistake. In

This is a simple mistake. In the ^CW command you specify the font identifier to be 'R'.  When you are placing your text, you are still using font identifier '0'.  It is not using the Arial font you downloaded.  Just change all the ^A0N commands to ^ARN and it works, or change to ^CW0,ARI000.TTF.  I tried it and it prints the correct characters.


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Fed Au
Hi Robin,Thanks for your

Hi Robin,

Thanks for your advise on the topics!

It was found out that the host system did not translate the control code

properly and now it is fixed. However we are still struggling with the

print out with garbage characters...

Below is the revised print file extracted from the host system, ^CW

command and the font identifier is now synchronized.




Arial MS Unicode was uploaded to the printer using Zebra Font Downloader.

Result of the printout

Would be appreciated if you could point us to the solution to fix the


Thanks & Regards,

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