Simulscan - overlapping fields in template


I need to prepare a template which captures a barcode that is located somewhere in the document together with picture of whole document. The option to capture just barcode by template and have picture by choosing option "output entire form" in template settings is not satisfactory as sometimes the result picture is not a full document but just some part. In the template it is not possible to have two fields overlapping which could solve the problem (I would mark whole document as picture and some area for barcode searching). Any idea how to solve that issue?

Submitted by Marcin Kalisiak on May 04, 2019 Permalink

I was busy with other things, finally coming back.
1. Yes, only one field - barcode
2. Selected Output Entire Form - I did not mark Entire Form as a Region - I do not know what this option means?
Attached one of the forms I would like to capture.

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hi Kalisiak

Do you have an Example of what you are trying to Capture?
Also can you confirm that you have
1. only created one Field for the Barcode?
2. Selected Output Entire Form and Entire Form as Region under the Template Settings?