MC32xx (Embedded 7) USB Mass Storage problems

We have an application where the client will not allow us to connect the mobile devices on the network due to security concerns (no wi-fi, nor network via MDC, etc.). We assumed the devices would play nicely with USB Mass Storage mode, since the option is implemented. We planned to use basic file transfer with the drive that then appears to windows.

However, the units do no work well with this.

Their connectivity as mass storage devices seems patchy - inserting the device to the cradle (when attached to PC) sometimes does not register as a USB  mass-storage drive at all. Sometime it does, but removing the device does not canel the connection, leaving the handheld unit still unable to access its SD card (since it still seems to think it is connected and that device is 'owned' by the PC as mass storage).

We are ejecting the unit using software calls on the PC side when we complete our file-transfer 'comms', but this seems to make no difference.


We have loaded the hotfix that makes USB mass storage work (without it, it basically just doesn't work at all!).


Is there anything else that can be done to get this very basic functionality working reliably?




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Keith,I think you would need


I think you would need to open a Zebra support ticket for that issue since it sounds like an issue with the Mass Storage driver. One potential alternative would be to use USB OTG mode which would allow the cradle to support a USB mass storage device such as a USB memory stick. This would allow files to be copied to and from the MC under the control of the MC application. To test this you just need to have a USB OTG adaptor such as the one shown here :…

If the memory stick is connected via this cable, the USB drive will appear in the file system when the MC is inserted in the cradle and will disappear when it is removed. This functionality is reliable in my experience although I have not used it extensively on a MC3200.

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Ian Hatton

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