how to set ESC-POS to RW420



We have a Zebra RW420 model: R4A-0UBA000N-12

S/N TERC08-37-5349

and we try to print from Android's program with ESC-POS format but with no luck.

Then we try to use your Zebra Print Station and program doesn't see printer (paired by us)

Can you please help us, we spend 2 days try everythings but with no luck (((


With best regards,



Anonymous (not verified)
Hi Andrew,The RW printer does

Hi Andrew,

The RW printer does not handle ESC-POS print language.  The ZQ110 is an ESC-POS printer. We also offer it as an add-on on our Link-OS printers.

The RW also does not work with the PrintStation app because it is not a Link-OS printer.  The replacement (ZQ500 series) does work correctly with this app.


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