EMDK on WT6000

We want to implement the EMDK API into our application to be used for the WT6000 and connected scanner.  We also want to keep our codebase singular and install it into our other Android devices.  To test the installability of EMDK API to a 'non-Zebra' device, we tried to install the Barcode Sample** into a Nexus 5x phone.  This failed during the install.

The question that we have:  Is there a way to install a EMDK API code into a non-Zebra device?

Note: We do not anticipate using EMDK on any non-Zebra device - the functionality of reading a scanner would be through existing code.






Problem putting application onto 5x phone:

10/26 14:34:22: Launching app

$ adb push C:\SPE\samples-emdkforandroid-4_0-BarcodeSample1\app\build\outputs\apk\app-debug.apk /data/local/tmp/com.symbol.barcodesample1

$ adb shell pm install -r "/data/local/tmp/com.symbol.barcodesample1"

  pkg: /data/local/tmp/com.symbol.barcodesample1


Pietro Francesc...
Hi Tim,is it absolutely

Hi Tim,

is it absolutely possible to have application using Zebra's Android EMDK that can run on other Android devices.

You can follow this guide to see how:

EMDK for Android Programming Practices - Zebra Technologies Techdocs

the basic idea is to modify the AndroidManifest, so that the EMDK library is not required:

<uses-library android:name="com.symbol.emdk" android:required="false" />

and don't use any EMDK functionality in the app entry point: if you're implementing the EMDK listener in the main Activity, running that code on a Samsung device will crash the app.

Take a look at this sample app that check EMDK version before enabling it:

GitHub - pfmaggi/GetDeviceInfo_EMDK: Sample application showing device info. If the app is running on a Zebra/Symbol dev…



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