Web Printing Issues

My company has many GX420t printers that have a USB connection. They are used by people across multiple states to print labels so they need to be able to print to their local printers.


We are creating a website that creates labels and prints them based on form data. I have looked into a lot of the possible solutions to online printing and I couldn't find a viable option yet. The one solution that could possibly work is using a printers IP address to print to a printer from a separate html page (as long as the webpage isn't open in chrome). This would be what I would like to use if not for the set up it requires.


It requires people who are less tech savvy to find out what IP address their, or their company wide, printer/PC has.


This may be something that they could be trained to do however I was wondering if anyone has found a way to automatically get the IP address of the zebra printers on a computer or if anyone has found a better way to print labels from a webpage with the GX420t printer.


Thanks for reading it through and if anyone has any pointers or tips they would be greatly appreciated!!


- Andrew Robb