Is there a version of Scan123 that supports the LS3678 Scanner?

We're using the LS3678 Scanner, but the version of Scan123 (version  that I downloaded from the support web site doesn't yet support it. 


Is there a version available which supports the device?  Or, does anyone know when a version will be available?


Thanks in advance.

Andrew Pengelly
I assume you are referring to

I assume you are referring to 123Scan and are you possibly looking to configure DS3678 as I do not believe their is an LS version of this model.  I have 123Scan version 4.1 Build 6.0 and it has the DS3678 listed.  When you open 123Scan make sure you get the latest updates.  The update button is generally located at the bottom left of the screen unless you have a very old version of 123Scan.

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