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    CC5000 - DataWedge Crash during Fast Scanning

    Balvina Villatoro

      We have a project with a customer with hundreds of these devices deployed. The units are on the OEM firmware release 1.3.1 with Datawedge version 83.17.


      We referenced the release notes attached regarding a known issue with Datawedge that may be effecting the scanning performance to their application: Occasional exceptions in Data Wedge during automated stress testing by changing Decode audio tone and repeated scanning.


      After repeated scans between 20-40 minutes the scanner will beep (like it scanned the barcode) but does not transmit the data. Have there been any efforts to fix this issue or is there a new Datawedge firmware build that we can install to update the units that address scan performance issues?


      It is being used as an employee clock in/out device for one of your largest retail customers. The scans are within 1-2 second intervals and it's all barcodes scanned. After about 20-40minutes of badges scans within 1-2seconds, the scanner will beep like it scanned it but then stops transmitting the data. Once we exit the application and attempt to launch DataWedge, we receive an error message that DataWedge is not responding and we have to close the pop.


      We have created videos that show the issue and provided an Android Studio monitor log showing failed processes. Below are the links for your reference.




      CC5000 Customer Concierge





      CC5000-10 Datawegde


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