How to align text with non-continuous label?

Hello, I am an Xamarin app developer creating an iOS app that will print labels using a Zebra Printer (ZQ510).  I am trying to print the following text onto a label:

Best Buy Date

However the printer doesn't seem to detect the gap between the labels as it should when using MNW (Media Tracking, Web). It prints as if it is continuous and the text is scattered all over the labels/gaps. The labels are 1.25x1 inch labels (peel off stickers).

Here is my ZPL:

^XA ^MNW ^MMT ^FX Example of comment ^CFA,30 ^FS ^FO0,30 ^FDBest By Date ^FS) ^FS ^FO0,60 ^FD11/23/2016 ^FS) ^FS ^FO0,90 ^FD Clams ^FS) ^CFA,30 ^XZ

I've looked over the documentation here:

but couldn't identify what I was doing wrong.  I'm very new to ZPL, any help is appreciated!

Christal Spaeth
Lin, There is a ZPL command


There is a ZPL command that calibrate's the media sensor that might be useful here. The command is described on page 223 of the documentation you provided. Note that this command does not require any parameters so you should be able to simply use ~JC to calibrate.


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lin meyer
Hi Christal,Thanks for your

Hi Christal,

Thanks for your response, your suggestion did what you said but did not fix the problem.  I was able to fix it by tweaking the printer width and print mode (MM) to peel off instead of tear off.  This is what it looks like now:





^FX Example of comment


^FDBest By Date^FS)^FS^FO0,50


^FDTop Sirloin Steak^FS)


Thanks again!

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