What is the B64 algorithm that accepts to print an image

I need your help.


I am trying to print an image in B64, but I have not succeeded, I have read several forums and I hace not found the solution, I need to know which algorithm zpl accepts, the development i hace in Java 8.


I only need to know what the algorithm is to convert a PNG to B64, but without using an external tool.???






public void Converter(){

  File file = new File("/storage/sdcard0/DCIM/image.png");

  try {


   FileInputStream imageInFile = new FileInputStream(file);
  byte imageData[] = new byte[(int) file.length()];


   String imageDataString = encodeImage(imageData);
   ZCRC16 zcrc16 = new ZCRC16();
   String crc16 = zcrc16.getCRC16ForZpl(imageDataString);
  Log.d("B64 :: " + imageDataString.toString());
   Log.d("CRC :: ", crc16);

   } catch (FileNotFoundException e) {

  System.out.println("Image not found" + e);
   } catch (IOException ioe) {

  System.out.println("Exception while reading the Image " + ioe);


   public static String encodeImage(byte[] imageByteArray) {

   return Base64.encodeBytes(imageByteArray, Base64.ENCODE);