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    B64 or Z64 with Zebra SDK ??

    daniel Ppe


      How to get B64 or Z64 and CRC with the SDK Zebra(android) to print with zpl with this command:


      ~DYE:IMAGE,P,P,46080,46080,:B64:  .......






      Thank you very much!!

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          Robin West

          Hi Daniel,

          You wouldn't need to do any of the conversion yourself.  Just use the printer.printImage() or printer.storeImage() API's.  They take PNG, JPG, and BMP file formats.

          Link-OS SDK - Zebra Technologies Techdocs  - look at the GraphicsUtil class for some sample code.

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              daniel Ppe

              Thank you very much I have worked!

              Just one last question, how do I get it into zpl?

              What is the ZPL command to display it there ....



              Thank you!!!

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                  Robin West

                  Hi Daniel, You can use the storeImage() command before sending the zpl and then use the ^FO in combination with the ^IM command to modify the location in your ZPL:





                  X and Y coordinates are generally for the top left corner of the image.


                  Or you can use the printImage() inside format to place it.

                  String zplStart = "^XA...";

                  String zplEnd = "...^XZ";


                  printer.printImage("myImage.png", 10, 608, 0, 0, true);



                  I can't give you specifics for the X and Y locations because I don't know how big your receipt is, or exactly how far down the page it is.

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                  Tim Borowsky

                  Hello Robin,


                  Is there a B64 algorithm in an SDK for the .NET Framework? I require it for some software I am developing.




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                      Robin West

                      Hi Tim, Sorry this is coming to you so late, but it might help others who need it.  The Zebra .Net SDK has a ConvertGraphic() function to convert an image into a B64 encoded PNG image. You can use this without ever opening the connection to a printer.  It does add a ZPL download header, but you can remove it by searching for the string ":B64:" and removing everything before that.  The filePathOnPrinter must have the PNG extension to convert to a B64 image.


                      MemoryStream ms = new MemoryStream();
                      ZebraImageI image = ZebraImageFactory.GetImage(pathOnComputer);
                      PrinterUtil.ConvertGraphic("E:IMAGE.PNG", image, ms);
                      ms.Write(buffer, 0, ms.Length);

                      There are also likely 3rd party libraries to do this.

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                          andrea schiabel

                          Hi Robin.


                          I'm trying to have a ZPL code from a JPG image ....but the result of the ConvertGraphic funciton is not correctly printed by our Zebra ZT230.


                          These are the few code lines (Vb.Net - I wrote the ZPL in a file):

                                  Dim Fs As System.IO.FileStream

                                  Dim Ms As New System.IO.MemoryStream

                                  Dim Im As Sdk.Graphics.ZebraImageI

                                  Im = ZebraImageFactory.GetImage("C:\Zebra\150_00_00_02.jpg")

                                  Sdk.Printer.PrinterUtil.ConvertGraphic("c:\Zebra\IMAGE.PNG", Im, 20, 20, Ms)

                                  Fs = New IO.FileStream("C:\Zebra\ZPL.txt", IO.FileMode.Create)



                          I tried to put the result of the ZPL.txt file after the ZPL command ^GFA ....but I don't know how to set the three parameters of the ^GF command ....and ....in any case the image printed is not the same as the source jpg.


                          Where I go wrong ?


                          Thank you in advance !

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                              Diego Gonzalez

                              Hello Andrea,


                              Not sure if this helps with your GF command issue, but to get the ZPL you need to reset the memory stream position to 0 as follows (in C#):


                              using (var ms = new MemoryStream())
                              using (var rd = new StreamReader(ms))
                                  var image = ZebraImageFactory.GetImage("myPng.png");
                                  PrinterUtil.ConvertGraphic("E:IMAGE.PNG", image, ms);
                                  ms.Position = 0; // memory stream position is at the end, as we just wrote to it: set position back to beginning
                                  var text = rd.ReadToEnd();
                                  Console.WriteLine(text); // -> ZPL: remove header (and maybe suffix?) as Robin proposed


                              Hope this helps!



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                                  andrea schiabel

                                  Thank you Diego for your help !!

                                  The issue is NOT the stream reading .....but the value of the string that the ReadToEnd returns !!

                                  If I put the result in a ZPL viewer it doesn't show me the original picture.

                                  The ZPL viewer doesn't give me an error....simply shows a kind of "qr-code picture".


                                  Maybe the issue is because of the ":B64:" starting string (instead of Z64).



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                                      Diego Gonzalez


                                      For me with a PNG file (no transparency) it is working as follows, once you did the read to end:

                                      Calling the method to get ZPL:


                                      var zpl = GetImgZpl(text);


                                      The method:


                                      private string GetImgZpl(string imgTxt)
                                          return "^XA"
                                              + "~" + imgTxt
                                              + "^FO70,70^IME:IMAGE.PNG^FS"
                                              + "^IDE:IMAGE.PNG"
                                              + "^XZ";


                                      Generated ZPL:


                                      ~ DYE:IMAGE p p 2764  :B64:iVBORw0KGgoAA (lots of characters...) LzRYWmUgMAAAAASUVORK5CYII=:e11c


                                      This ZPL is sent to the printer and works fine. There are some escaped characters in the formatting above, but the point is that I just get the command as it is returned by PrinterUtil method without any additional processing. The ZPL loads the image in the printer, prints it, then delete from memory (E:).


                                      Good luck,