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    Getting unwanted text in Print job

    John Wolf

      Hello I have a partner who is using the standard Print API so he can print from a MC32N0 to a QLN420. He has created a little app using the API but he is seeing the letters "LEFT" inserted into the barcode. I've attached a copy of his code if someone out there has an idea. thanks




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          Robin West

          Hi John,

          Do you know anything about the API's being used?  I see a "PrintAPI.h" and "barcodes.h" file in the #includes, but no explanation of which API's these are.  The names of the libraries are too generic to know who created them or where to get documentation.  It doesn't look like one of the Zebra/Symbol libraries, but it may be an older version.  The Print_BarCode() function looks like it's doing the work of creating the print output, but otherwise I don't see anything that jumps out at me.