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    Motorola LS3578 how to apply two suffixes

    Timur Allashukurov

      Hello everybody. Today i received my scanner, Motorola LS3578. The scanner has been connected via bluetooth, and its working amazing.

      I have a question:

      Im using a special software, where I'm printing the shipping labels. To get this shipment by order number, I'm need to scan a barcode, then program show me the order details.

      After i need apply "Enter" and "F9" to get a shipping label.

      Please help me, is there any way to apply on the end of each times of scanning two suffixes.

      The manual show me that i can apply "Prefix" Data "Suffix", but i need something as (Data "Suffix" "Suffix")



      When i scan a barcode, scanner add on the end    "Enter button" then "F9 button"



      Thank you very much for any help!