connection via bluetooth with CS4070



I have (recently)  bought a CS4070 to scan data via bluetooth in my application.


I'm lost !!!!


scan123 can not connect,

sdk application neither ...


Please help !!!!!


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Malcolm Flood
I have 123scan version 4.3

I have 123scan version 4.3 Build 0.0 and the release notes show the 4070 as supported and it appears in the list of models. here is an extract of the release notes....

123Scan2 - List of Supported Scanners and Plug-ins


Total plug-ins: 94

To search for a specific scanner model number within Notepad click 'Ctrl' and 'F' simultaneously.

To print this report click Help / Supported scanners and plug-ins.


Plug-in          : CS4070-COMMON MODELS

Revisions        : CS4070-COMMON MODELS-005  (Firmware: CAACHS00-003-R00B1)

                   Supported Models : CS4070-HC0000BZMWW



You should be able to pair the 4070 to your device, see the instructions in the Product Reference Guide or Quick Reference Guide at ...Symbol CS4070 Companion Scanner Support & Downloads | Zebra

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I'm sorry but nothing's work

I'm sorry but nothing's work !

here is my configuration:


     BT version=TAACHS00-003-R00

     SE version=PAABLC20-002-R00

     Serial number=16293522503752

     Model=CS4070 (SR00004ZMWW)

I have another question : is it possible with this scanner to use sdk in SPP mode to read barcode in real time ?


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