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    Enterprise Browser 1.5 Camera API

    Tony Ruddock

      As part of a web application we're writing I need to access the native camera on our TC70s.


      I can see two APIs it's possible to use for this purpose:

      • The old "imager" API
      • The newer "camera" API


      I've tried the "imager" API and it doesn't appear to fire up the native camera application,so I am not able to zoom.


      I have also tried using the "camera" API. but no matter what I do, the camera won't show up to allow me to take a picture.


      Does anyone have a working code example using the "camera" API?


      Many thanks

        • Re: Enterprise Browser 1.5 Camera API
          Abhineet Agarwal

          Dear Tony,


          I have attached the sample Camera API page for your reference.

          1. EB_Camera_API.html
          2. ebapi-modules.js - This is used internally by EB_Camera_API.html page.


          Copy both the above file to EnterpriseBrowser installed location in the device and set the StartPage tag value of Config.xml as mentioned below.


                  <Name value="Menu"/>

                  <StartPage value="file://%INSTALLDIR%/EB_Camera_API.html" name="Menu"/>



          After performing the above steps, relaunch the EnterpriseBrowser application. The sample Camera page will be opened which will allow to take the picture using device camera.

          After page is open, one can check by performing the below steps in order.

          1. Press Enumerate Camera button.
          2. Select Camera type from the drop down menu which will populate possible camera objects(present in the device) after step 1 is performed.
          3. Press Take Picture button to take the picture after performing step 2.
          4. Press choose Picture button to replicate the captured image to the html page after performing step 3.


          Please note:

          - EnterpirseBrowser installed location in the device will be <sd_card_storage_location>/Android/data/com.symbol.enterprisebrowser.

          - Config.xml is also present under EnterpirseBrowser installed location.

          - The sample Camera API is developed using EB Camera API. The online document for EB Camera API is available here.


          Thanks & Regards,

          Abhineet Agarwal

          Enterprise Browser Software Lead

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