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I am trying to print some text on a ZQ520 printer using font 4, but no matter what I try nothing comes out.  The information printout suggests that this is one of the resident fonts on the printer, but only fonts 0 and 7 seem to work.  Is there a limitation of the printer that means that only fixed width fonts can be used?


I am developing an Android application and sending commands to the printer using the CPCL printer language.

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Hi Stephen,There are several

Hi Stephen,

There are several ways to use more fonts, you can use ZebraDesigner, or Zebra Setup Utilities, or ZebraNet Bridge to convert and upload the proper fonts (TTF) to the printer.

For more info about how to use CPCL compatible fonts, please, take a look to pages 189 to 207 of this first online manual (link below)


You can review also this other online CPCL manual (link below) pages 3-1 to 3-6, and Appendix D.


Use of TrueType or other non-Zebra purchased fonts require licensing and it is the responsibility of the user to acquire permission for use in the printer.

The ZT/ZD/ZQ printers do not support .FNT font files.

Additional info:

Converting a font using the Zebra Setup Utility Read More>>

Zebra Technologies - Font Conversion Demo - C++


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