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    Appcelerator Titanium: works perfectly on TC55

    Rodrigo Farfan

      Hi everyone. I've developed apps for Zebra devices (formerly Motorola and formerly Symbol) devices for years, in C# with .Net Compact Framework. Since Android arrival to rugged devices, most of my current customers were a little confused and now that it's clear that Zebra is deploying new Android devices, they are migrating (or planing to migrate) their current Apps to Android.


      I used to develop in native Android, but for non-enterprise Apps, most of my customers needed Android and iOS versions. That's why I started using Appcelerator Titanium as a framework to develop Apps for both platforms (now, even for Windows Phone). For those questioning themselves about if it is native or hybrid: it's a cross-compiler framework that produces native Apps (MythBusters: Killing the Top Misconceptions about Appcelerator Titanium ). But I wasn't sure if this is a proper framework for enterprise Apps.


      Now, I'm pretty sure that it really is a perfect framework. I've developed an App using Titanium and accessing barcode scanner in TC55 device. It's been necessary to develop a custom module (Titanium extension) to have access to the scanner, but it is not very difficult. The App runs perfectly on TC55, using embedded barcode scanner, external bluetooth scanner (SPP) or the amazing Scandit Barcode SDK (using the camera). The same App runs the same way in non Zebra devices (Galaxy S6, S7, A5, ...), but it detects that isn't a Zebra device and only lets user to select BT scanner or Scandit.


      I know that Zebra only supports native Android and Xamarin, but this opens new opportunities for a lot of developers, so the bigger dev community is, the more chances for Zebra to sell their devices.


      So if anyone has previous experience with Titanium or is starting right now and is open to explore new frameworks, I suggest to give to Titanium a chance.


      That's all. I just wanted to share my experience with all you.



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          Darryn Campbell

          Hi Rodrigo,


          Thanks for the feedback and that's great to know.  I have not tried integrating Appcelerator with Zebra devices primarily because I was unsure of the interest from our partners / customers - to be honest this is the first time I am seeing it mentioned on these forums.


          Obviously the more people talk about it the more we know to focus on Appcelerator and related frameworks.  I did create a simple wrapper for ReactNative on npm (react-native-datawedge-intents) but it's seeing fewer than 9 downloads a month.


          I don't suppose you have released the source to your Titanium extension under an open source license at all?




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            Rodrigo Farfan

            Hello Darryn. I think that my Titanium extension  for Symbol barcode reader on Android enabled Zebra devices is the first module in the world, as I searched before starting the project and couldn't find anything. Titanium is a proven and stable framework and it has made me much more easy to develop the App than in native (and I have developed native apps too, so I know what I mean). The App runs perfectly on Android devices and we can compile for iOS with none or minor changes to source code (the code is exactly the same).


            You do suppose well: by the moment this extension is not available. It doesn't use datawedge at all, it instead uses the Android Zebra EMDK.


            By now, the App is in pilot stage. I hope to tell you more about this.


            PS: I've updated my prior post because the link didn't work. And cannot reply to your message (it seems it needs to be approved by a moderator??...It doesn't make sense)

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              Rodrigo Farfan

              Hi again to everybody. This is just an update to let you all know that MC67 also supports my titanium barcode module.