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    Android ET55 missing DataWedge

    Joe M

      Recently my company got in an Android ET55 with the expansion back scanner for testing. The tablet did not however have the DataWedge app pre-installed, causing scanning in our productivity app to fail. Our software keys on a specific scan prefix and suffix to facilitate scanner processing. Can the DataWedge apk be downloaded or is there a specific device configuration that needs to be purchased that includes the DataWedge app pre-installed? The model # of our device is CHG-ET5X-CBL, part # CHG-ET5X-CBL1-01, serial # 018701167080576B. Previously we were deploying our app on the ET1 tablet which had the DataWedge app pre-installed.

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          Pietro Francesco Maggi

          Hi Joe,

          We made initially available a version of the ET55 Android tablet with a vanilla Android image.

          A version of the Android tablet is now available with all the Zebra utilities (Mx, DataWedge, StageNow, etc...).

          Because DataWedge depends on other Zebra components, it is not possible to simply install the DataWedge apk, you need to load the newer Android software image.


          You should contact your local Zebra support to see how you can procede to load the new SW image.


          Best regards