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    AppGallery Collection Settings Don't Update

    William Sharp

      I found what I believe to be a bug on Zebra's AppGallery website: https://appgallery.zebra.com


      Steps to reproduce:


      1. Login
      2. Click "Collections" link in the top navigation
      3. Select your collection (mine has two apps in it)
      4. Choose the "Settings" tab
      5. I currently have all settings turned on for both of my apps (slid right, blue)
      6. Turn off setting "Force Install" (slides left and turns grey)
      7. Press "Updates" for that application
      8. Receive a message that says "Update Successfully"
      9. Refresh page
      10. "Force Install" is turned back on again. It appears the update did not stick.


      Let me know if this is a user error, or if this discussion should be in a different area.




      William Sharp