Printing vertical text in ZPL



I am using a GK420D printer.


The origine of my label ( point 0,0) is the left top corner.


I am trying to print a vertical text (from bottom to top) in ZPL, but when I give a specific location  on the label, it's the end of the string which is located to the location I gave and not the beginning of it.


Is this normal ? Can I change this setting to make the beginning of the label positionned to the location I gave, and the rest of the string being printed over it ?


The ZPL code I use is the following, to print at coordinates (50,50) in millimeters :










I would like to have the first character located in (50,50) position, and the remaining of the string being printer over it

Thank you for your help.

Christal Spaeth
Bruno,When the label is


When the label is printing, the printer is printing from the top of the label to the bottom of the label (The leading edge of the label coming out of the printer is the top of the label). Here is some sample code that demonstrates vertical printing using the FO (Field Origin) command:





Adjust the x and y parameters of the FO command to position horizontally or vertically, respectively.


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