How we can convert dynamic image into ZPL Code In C#.Net application

Our requirement is to convert any dynamic image into ZPL code In C#.Net application for printing through zebra printer

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Hi Atul,Actually, we do not

Hi Atul,

Actually, we do not have a C# SDK that allows you to do that. However, you can take our Java SDK with the functionality you need to implement it dynamically as well.

There are some ways to capture our API in java for C#. Take a look to the links below for more info.

Using Java API's in .NET Applications

You can create a small program for converting dynamic image in our java SDK and parser it in your C# program with a simple jar file.

Also, you could eventually use the driver of the printer to do it as well.

There are some third party libraries(link below) that you could try to use for your project.

Z-Bar Project



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